Writers Festival

Application proposal: Writers Festival
Closing date: 15 July 2017


Who should complete this form?

If you wish to be considered for the US Woordfees programme, please complete this form in full and submit it along with the relevant documentation before the closing date. Please note that only electronically submitted applications will be considered.

Selection process for the programme

The US Woordfees selectors strive to present a balanced programme and consider each application taking into account originality, innovation, the profile of the artists and the festival audience, applicability within each genre, artistic merit, and language. The US Woordfees reserves the right to approach writers and develop literature related discussions which were not submitted through the application process.

Only productions which have been commissioned by The US Woordfees will receive funding for pre-production costs.

Scope of the programme
The US Woordfees 2018 programme will provide a platform for approximately 100 performances and productions.

All the different sections of the program work woth different financial models. For the writers festival we negotiate with the writer or the publisher. All accommodation and transport requirements must be indicated in your budget. Accommodation should be calculated at a minimum of R900 per person per night. Return flights from Johannesburg should be calculated at a minimum of R3,000 per person.

Final schedules are made on the basis of logistical, technical and financial requirements. It is important that you correctly list your available dates and that you indicate which members of your team (including all artists, technicians, and musicians) will be part of other productions and teams at the festival.

Acknowledgement of receipt
All applications received by the closing date will receive acknowledgement of receipt by 25 July 2017.

Complimentary tickets
The US Woordfees sets aside a limited number of complimentary tickets for each venue. Traditionally this amounts to 5% of the available seats. These complimentary tickets are for discretionary use by The US Woordfees for the media and our sponsors. Complimentary tickets that are not taken up are sold at the door before each performance.

Special discounts for students, artists and other marketing initiatives.
The US Woordfees strives to be as cost conscious as possible while also developing new audiences. Productions are therefore asked to consider allowing discounted tickets for students and fellow artists. The US Woordfees reserves the right to offer special promotions and discounts. This will always be done in consultation with the artists.

Publicity and marketing
Each production is responsible for its own publicity and marketing. The US Woordfees general publicity and marketing campaigns will support the productions but will not accept responsibility for the distribution of any marketing materials for productions. The US Woordfees will not distribute or post any posters or banners for productions. Should you require the names of suppliers who will provide these services, please contact our offices and we will do our best to assist you.

Festival guide
The US Woordfees festival guide 2018 will again feature a special photographic project. The festival reserves the right to identify the artistis who will participate in the project.

Please contact us during office hours at:
Tel: 021 886 5036 or wf2018@sun.ac.za


The selection and scheduling dealines are as follows:

15 July 2017        Closing date for applications for theatre and music.

25 Julie 2017       Acknowledgement of receipt.

9 Aug 2017         Selection results published.

20 Aug 2017        Deadline for information for the festival guide

Only electronic applications will be accepted. Faxed applications will not be considered. All additional audio, visual or printed material can be sent via courier to:

US Woordfees
University of  Stellenbosch
37 Ryneveld Street , Stellenbosch

Online Application form:

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Contact Info
Erfurthuis, Ryneveld Street 37, Stellenbosch
+27 (0) 21 886 5036
+27 (0) 87 238 2078
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