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Application proposal: Visual Arts Program
Closing date: 21 July 2017


Who should complete this form?
If you wish to be considered for the SU Woordfees programme, please complete this form in full and submit it along with the relevant documentation before the closing date. Please note that only electronically submitted applications will be considered.

Scope of the program
The SU Woordfees 2018 programme will provide a platform for approximately 16 exhibitions.

Acknowledgement of receipt
All applications received by the closing date will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by 30 June 2017.

WOORDtroFEES, made possible by the ATKV
Eligible productions and performances are considered for the WOORDtroFEES by an independent panel of judges. The prize is a commemorative small sculpture and money. It is awarded after the close of the festival.

Publicity and marketing
Each exhibition is responsible for its own publicity and marketing. The SU Woordfees general publicity and marketing campaigns will support the exhibitors, but will not accept responsibility for the distribution of any marketing materials. The SU Woordfees cannot be held responsible for supplying any marketing material on behalf of exhibitors.

Festival guide
The SU Woordfees festival guide 2018 will again feature a special photographic project. The festival reserves the right to identify the artist(s) who will participate in the project.

Introduction to the Visual Art Programme
The aim of the SU Woordfees 2018 Visual Arts Programme is to present festival goers with a coherent, interesting, accessible and authentic selection of solo and group exhibitions, all relating to a central theme, by established as well as new artists. Only exhibitions adhering to the above criteria will be considered for inclusion. As discussed below, the theme and subjects need to be considered carefully, because only applications compliant to the requirements will be considered. Approved exhibitions will be discussed, developed and structured in conjunction with curator Alex Hamilton, to ensure that the final exhibition links with the overall theme.
SU Woordfees 2018 Visual Art Programme theme
The theme of the SU Woordfees Visual Art Program 2018 is: KENNIS / KNOWLEDGE
Please click here to download the brief as inspirational guideline. Please note that the theme is not “Word”, “Typography” or “Literature”.

Criteria Guidelines
Please consider the following when submitting an exhibition proposal:

  • Artists must apply under their own name.
  • Approved exhibitions must be ready for installation on 23 February 2018.
  • No exhibitions previously exhibited in the Western Cape will be considered.
  • At least 70-80% of the exhibition must be recent work.
  • Solo artists who exhibited at the SU Woordfees Visual Art Programme in the past three years will not be considered for solo exhibitions.
  • Solo artists who previously exhibited at the SU Woordfees Visual Art Programme may be considered for group exhibitions.
  • Applications done by agents/galleries/curators for group exhibitions will be considered. It is still important that these exhibitions relate to the overall theme of the programme.
  • To ensure authenticity, no artist planning to exhibit at any other venue in Stellenbosch during the SU Woordfees 2018, whether as solo or group exhibition, will be considered.
  • Only the highest quality and original submissions will be considered.
  • The limited space and other venue restrictions will be considered when selecting exhibitions.
  • For solo exhibitions, negotiation will be with the artist directly, not through agents or galleries.
  • Agents/galleries/curators will be considered for group exhibition concepts.
  • All work must be for sale.
  • The Visual Art Programme opens on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 concludes and on Saturday, 10 March 2018.

Please contact us during office hours at:
Tel: 021 886 5036 or


The selection and scheduling deadlines are as follows:
21 July 2017       Closing date for applications for visual art programme
30 July 2017       Acknowledgement of receipt
8 Aug 2017       Selection results published
14 Aug 2017       Deadline for information for the festival guide

Online application form

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Documents you may upload:
Short CV
3 to 5 examples of your work (jpg format)

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Erfurthuis, Ryneveld Street 37, Stellenbosch
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