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Aesthetics determine ethics. The narrative of art determines the morals of life. Art transforms thinking, choices, decisions, policies, and practices; it transforms and revitalizes individuals, institutions, and societies.

The Woordfees, Woorde Open Wêrelde, the BUYA Project, the University Choir, and all of our other arts and culture entities at Stellenbosch University each contribute to the realization of the raison d'être of universities, which is to have a transformative impact on our society through the academic project in the local, continental and even global contexts. This impact is made in the direction of dignity and with the help of three building blocks: the healing of South Africa’s wounds as a nation, justice, and freedom for all.

There is a relationship between the reciprocal enrichment of artistic entities and the University's practices of research, innovation, learning, and tuition. The establishment of graduate characteristics such as, among other things, being responsible citizens, lifelong learners, dynamic professionals, thought leaders, and holistic people, is promoted by academic programs and co-curricular activities like the Woordfees.

The Woordfees embraces the University's strategic transformational pursuits, namely: increased access to success, excellence through diversity, inclusivity and co-ownership, foresightedness, and innovation.

This year's theme is "wys", which in Afrikaans means "to show" and "wisdom" or "wise". This rich theme is explored in creative and surprising ways. In 2017 the Woordfees will once again point out aesthetics and ethics, narratives and morality, dignity and healing, justice and freedom. May the Woordfees show us, help us to see, and to become what we see.

Nico Koopman

US Waarnemende Viserektor: Sosiale impak,transformasie en personeel

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kykNET shows you everything, because we want to entertain, enrich, and keep our viewers informed.

We know that anyone these days can watch or listen to what they want, when they want. Every day is full of decisions, difficult decisions - even what to watch and listen. This is where we, with the Woordfees, can demonstrate that we make wise program selections, and assure first-class productions and programs. kykNET makes sure that you’re greeted by wholesome home-baked stories when you return home after a long day.

The SU Woordfees is also like freshly baked goods, full of delights. That's why we remain a loyal partner, because we know this festival is going to impress. kykNET’s channels have the wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders with our viewers and to see some of our famous personalities and artists on stage at such a quality-producing festival. kykNET lifestyle programs like Fiësta, Bravo! and Chat Nou will also be broadcasting highlights, during and after the festival, to our viewers at home. Time and money continue to be rare and precious commodities. We appreciate our viewers' time and want to make the best news, actuality, drama, comedy, and stories available to everyone in Afrikaans, on television and other worldwide platforms.

Come and be a part of this important experience of the arts which plays such an important role in sustaining the creative and performing arts and entertainment industry.

kykNET's curatorship is a responsibility that we have passionately taken on for our viewers.

Enjoy the festival - it’s dynamic, inspiring, and keeps you wise!

Karen Meiring

Direkteur, Afrikaanse kanale


Conversations – close to the heart

The SU Woordfees is an indispensable platform for conversations – in and about Afrikaans. Now, more than ever, we need to use the Woordfees as an opportunity to find creative solutions and take up a new heading.

For more than a century, Media24 has served their audience with reputable products which reaches them in their own language. From Netwerk24 to Son, to Kuier and SARIE, Huisgenoot and Rapport. And with NetNuus and VIA – our brand new TV channel – we find new ways to especially serve young Afrikaans speaking people in a language that appeals to them.

The Woordfees remains one of the highlights on our calendar. May this year's festival find innovative ways to face up to today's challenges and, of course, be exceptionally "lekker"!

Esmaré Weideman

CEO of Media24



Let's create a lasting legacy together

Sanlam is sincerely delighted to be a sponsor of the 18th SU Woodfees for the 10th consecutive year.

Sanlam is dedicated to the creation of value for our clients and we have taken the same approach to our relationship with the SU Woordfees, the Afrikaans language and music. Music that is created now, will stay with us forever. We experience the lyrics and the melodies now, but the nostalgia and impact hereof will remain with us the rest of our lives.

With understanding and respect for the fact that something of value cannot be rushed, we use the theme of the 2017 Sanlam Music Festival, "Every word is a masterpiece", to show wordsmiths, in particular, that Afrikaans music is full of icons, legendary lyrics and diehard sounds.
Every verse is ingenious and every stave, carefully composed - a modus operandi the Welvaartmeesters™ (masters of wellbeing) have a lot of respect for.

Sanlam's involvement at the festival, and support of the Sanlam WOW Spelfees, is a testament of our, and our partners’, dedication to creating a lasting legacy for the language, our future leaders, and our communities.

Sanlam invites all this year’s Woordfees festivalgoers to help us demonstrate how one can make a lasting impact through the celebration of art and culture.

Mariska Oosthuizen

Hoof, Sanlam-handelsmerk

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