Picnic made new again

The SU Woordfees 2017 proudly presents

Picnic made new again

What should one do when following in the footstep of a very popular play? Wolf Britz, director of Piekniek by Mpande, née Dingaan just grabs the bull by the horns. “This is not a tribute or a restaging. This is a new show. How? You just do it! It is our job.”

Back in 1988 the play Piekniek, co-authored by Johannes Kerkorrel and Koos Kombuis, made the headlines in nearly every South African newspaper. The younger generation started to question the status quo – moreover in Afrikaans! The establishment was shaken to the core that young creatives like Nataniël, Marthinus Basson, Marion Holm, Marcel van Heerden and Gerrit Schoonhoven were daring enough to issue such a blatant challenge.

Wolf plans to talk to all the remaining members about their experience. He makes it clear that he is not the director of Piekniek by Dingaan, but that of Piekniek by Mpande, née Dingaan. “I am not working with the icon itself but rather with people’s memories thereof. Our present state is determined by our history and Piekniek by Mpande examines the possible future. We are doing something new.”

The contributors are Nicole Holm, Dean Balie, Ludwig Binge, Ilana Cilliers, Karli Heine, Marlo Minnaar and Pierre Theron. Under the guiding hand of Louis Roux they plan to do the adaptation of Piekniek themselves.

Regarding the ‘new’ version for today, Gerrit Schoonhoven, the director of Piekniek by Dingaan says: “Find collaborators who are brilliant with a cabaret that exhales the time it represent. Do not be afraid of authority, the status-quo can be upset. Holy cows can be made in to hamburgers. Be brave, brothers and sisters.”

Piekniek by Mpande née Dingaan will be performed on the 6th of March at 20:30, and on the 7th of March at 17:00, and on the 11th of March at 17:30 and again at 20:30 at the Rhenish Girls’ High School. The production runs for 90 minutes. Tickets are R130 beforehand and R150 at the door.

For more information or for an interview, contact Frieda le Roux at the Woordfees offices on 082 742 4156 or friedaleroux@sun.ac.za. The SU Woordfees is held from 3-12 March 2017 in Stellenbosch. The complete festival programme is available on our website, www.woordfees.co.za.


Production Information

A NATi Feesteforum production

No u/16 (S,V,D)

Original text and music: Johannes Kerkorrel en Koos Kombuis

Adaptation: Louis Roux and the troupe

Direction and lighting: Wolf Britz

With: Nicole Holm, Dean Balie, Ludwig Binge, Ilana Cilliers, Karli Heine, Marlo Minnaar and Pierre Theron

Contact Info
Erfurthuis, Ryneveld Street 37, Stellenbosch
+27 (0) 21 886 5036
+27 (0) 87 238 2078
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