Let us sing again

Stellenbosch University Woordfees 2017 proudly presents

Let us sing again

This production was presented at Woordfees 2016 in honour of Adam Small’s eightieth birthday. Adam passed away in June of this year. Because of the popularity of the poet and the unique programme put together by Adriaan Brand in Adam’s honour, it was decided to repeat the production during Woordfees 2017

Adam was one of the jewels in the crown of Afrikaans. His poetry and theatre work communicates so much more than what one first experiences. He was also one of the few voices who kept on writing in Kaaps, using it as vehicle to express his creativity.

The mix of various creative talents – singing, writing and acting – such as Koos Kombuis, Frazer Barry, June van Merch, Adriaan Brand, Wessel Pretorius and the unique Solms Delta Musiekprojek resulted in Kô laat ons sing!, a story that is worth being told.

An exited June van Merch will be singing again. “It will be good to sing again and to work with the other artists. I also look forward to the way the text is married with music, the compositions.”

Of her road with Adam’s work, she says: “Apart from his poetry at university for the speech examination and various readings, there has always been only one, and that is Makiet. It also was the highpoint in my stage career in terms of total physical and spiritual release. The challenges resulting from the events not happening chronologically, Makiet being blind, bound to a wheelchair and many more. I would like to play in Kanna hy kô hys toe again. It encompasses so many rural elements of being coloured, also urban. It speaks, it lives, it stings without preaching.”

Kô, lat ons sing! can be seen on 3 March at 20:30 and on 6 March at 15:00 in the Town Hall. It runs for 70 minutes and pre-paid tickets cost R120 or R140 at the door.

For more information, or to request an interview, contact Frieda le Roux at the Woordfees office: 082 742 4156 or friedaleroux@sun.ac.za


More about the production

Musical director: Adriaan Brand

Text compilation: Juanita Swanepoel

Production manager: Grethe van der Merwe

Lighting: Stefan Benadé

With: Wessel Pretorius, June van Merch, Frazer Barry, Sandy Gertse, HemelBesem, Koos Kombuis, Zenobia Kloppers, Die Solms Delta Musiekprojek, Delta 4, Soetstemme and Langbroeke

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+27 (0) 21 886 5036
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