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Welcome to the 18th SU Woordfees!

From 3-12 March 2017, artists will have the opportunity to demonstrate what is important to them.

And by attending and supporting this festival, you become a member of this community - someone who is open to new experiences and who enjoys good entertainment with abandon, without being afraid of a challenge or having their feathers ruffled. The SU Woordfees strives to serve as an excellent platform for the arts.

We would like to make every endeavour to develop new audiences and artists; to develop and build Afrikaans in an inclusive, multilingual, and welcoming environment. We are committed to creating a thriving community.

Our festival is one of remembrance that would like to broaden perspectives on current affairs through art while, at the same time, would like to turn the spotlight towards where we are headed. The arts should lead the way and provide direction in a burning country with disheartened people.

Because if we can achieve that – if we can show where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going - we believe that this festival will, through the arts, instill a quality in festivalgoers: to be wise.

One should therefore make use of this opportunity to take stock and become enriched.

Enjoy the festival and don't be scared to show just how much you enjoy it.

Saartjie Botha
Director: SU Woordfees and WOW

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Erfurthuis, Ryneveld Street 37, Stellenbosch
+27 (0) 21 886 5036
+27 (0) 87 238 2078
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