A Midsummer Night’s Dream

OB 13
115 Minutes

9 October


10 October


11 October


12 October


13 October


Oude Libertas Amphitheatre

R180-R260 | R210-R290 by die deur

Shakespeare’s whimsical play that winds its way through Athens and an enchanted forest, intertwines the adventures of young lovers, earthy tradesmen and a fairy kingdom. All results in a hilarious and chaotic journey of love and self-discovery featuring mistaken identities, playful gender swops, magical spells, and mischievous pranks, portrayed by the talented cast who received standing ovations at Maynardville earlier this year.

Vervaardiger VR Theatrical, in samewerking met die Maynardville Trust 

Regisseur Geoffrey Hyland 

Skrywer William Shakespeare 

Stelontwerp Jesse Brooks 

Beligtingsontwerp Oliver Hauser 

Kostuums Michaeline Wessels

Oorspronklike musiek Wessel Odendaal

Verhoogbestuur Keandri van Wyk