All My Ex-Lovers are Dead

PG 13 (L,S)
60 Minutes

11 October


13 October


15 October


Bloemhof High – Hall

R120-R150 | R150-R180 at the door

Witty and honest, this play is a fresh exploration of love and relationships, combining storytelling, soundscapes and multi-media projections. Meet the hopeful and wide-eyed They. They haven’t had the best run, romantically speaking, but honestly, who has? They tell us about e.e. cummings, how not to confess your undying love via voice note and what to do with the love that we are left with when all our lovers are gone.

With Maria Vos

Director and writer Dara Beth

Music Denise Onen

Stage manager Michaela Nightingale

Videographer Cornè van Rensburg