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OB 16 (T)
40 Minutes

9 October


10 October


11 October


Theatre Tent @ Wilgenhof Tennis Court

R80 | R100 by die deur

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet becomes Romeo and Johanna: The Anglo-­Boer War Version in this crazy musical from Estefan Coetzee – a new director who excels in experimental theatre. This is the last dress rehearsal and everything goes wrong: Two actors don’t show up, the stage manager gets the move-in time completely wrong, and now church starts in half an hour in the lab. They will have to “Mickey Mouse” the whole thing.

Met: Nichola Viviers, Mia van der Merwe, Jordyn Linklater, Thalia Alberts, Izette Blignaut, Vihann van Rooyen, Zoë-blu Mottram 


Regisseur, vervaardiger en skrywer 

Gita Fourie 

Stelontwerp, kostuums Anri van 

Helsdingen, Thalia Alberts 

Beligtingsontwerp Caitlin Gordon 

Musiek Vihann van Rooyen 

Verhoogbestuur Gita Fourie