Annelie Botes se Katvis

60 Minutes

10 October


EasyEquities Book Tent

R75 | R100 by die deur

Having undergone jarring physical trauma, Annelie Botes’ doctors refused to let her come and speak about Katvis, her first novel in 12 years, in person. In her place is the “ou Gryse” (Annelie’s husband, confidant and carer, Chris Botes), who experienced the book’s creation and often spoke on her behalf. Katvis is the story of Maria, who escapes from her marriage to a power-obsessed man to a haven. When she arrives there, with only a suitcase and her violin, she finds an unscrupulous swindler has catfished her, and hell still lies ahead. Maryke Roberts asks the questions.

Aangebied deur Penguin Random House