90 Minutes

13 October


14 October



R165-R190 | R195-R220 by die deur

The South African premier of Argento’s Pulitzer Prize-winning production of extracts from Virginia Woolf’s diary set to music. As Ek… offers a personal glimpse of the perspectives of three poets on the human condition. The popular musical styles of Madeleine Dring and Lori Laitman create a direct emotional connection with Betjeman and Dickinson’s poetry. Argento’s magnificent cycle shares tender memories of family, observations on levity, anxiety, war and hope. Join us for an accessible virtuoso performance with exceptional artistry.

Met: Minette du Toit-Pearce (mezzo-sopraan), Pieter Grobler (klavier) 

Musiek Madeleine Dring, Lori Laitman, Domenick Argento