Book Club: 1001 Nagte in die magiese Persië

75 Minutes

11 October


Hofmeyr Hall

R90 | R120 by die deur (’n gratis drankie vooraf beskikbaar)

The age-old stories in Duisend-en-een-nagte, Wium van Zyl’s Afrikaans translation of the famous Iranian-Dutch author Kader Abdolah’s 1001 Nacht, deal exclusively with women – young women, grandmothers, resourceful maids and seductive slaves. The most artful is the narrator herself, Scheherazade. Every night she has to spin a new tale so the ruthless king will spare her life for one more night. Kader and Wium discuss this great Middle Eastern literary treasure filled with cultural gems and glittering secrets. Anastasia de Vries hosts, and Radio 786’s Fatima Allie and Cedwyn Joel, Suidooster veteran, read extracts from the sensual stories.

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