OB 13
55 Minutes

12 October


13 October


15 October


kykNET HS Stellenbosch

R160-R240 | R190-R270 by die deur

Boesak deals with the life of the theologian and anti-apartheid activist Allan Boesak – from his student days and his activities in the ministry, to his divorce from his first wife and his marriage to Elna Botha, a white woman, in the time when marriages across racial lines were forbidden. His political career pushed boundaries, and the controversy surrounding his fraud case and eventual prison sentence made him a semi-mythical, almost iconic figure

Met: Marlo Minnaar

Regisseur, skrywer, stel- en beligtingsontwerp Mercy Kannemeyer

Moontlik gemaak deur Festival voor het Afrikaans, Toyota US Woordfees