Cape Choral Academy: Bolandse Misse

60 Minutes

10 October



R175-R210 | R205-R240 by die deur

A collection of great choral and orchestral works – the Karoo Mass by Xander Kritzinger and Vivaldi’s Magnificat are some of the musical masterpieces that will take audiences on a journey through the years. The timelessness of the works within the context of our contemporary challenges and celebrations, reminds us that there are things that we sometimes miss and things that we are able to reach out and touch. It is the music that binds and changes us.

Met: Cape Choral Academy o.l.v. Xander Kritzinger, Kaapse Barokorkes o.l.v. Erik Dippenaar, Winand Grundling (orrel)

Vervaardigers Xander Kritzinger, Divan Bosman

Kostuums Cape Choral Fashion

Verhoogbestuur Jess Meissner

Programontwerp Divan Bosman