50 Minutes

13 October



R200-R220 | R230-R250 at the door

The remarkable story of the composerpianist Clara Schumann comes to life in this small masterpiece by Riana Scheepers in which pianist Nina Schumann and actress Carla Smith both play the role of the heroic main character. Nina Schumann, who like Madame Clara is also a pedagogue and concert pianist, narrates Clara’s story with piano music by the composers Robert Schumann and Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms, Clara’s beloved friend. Her life of passion, tragedy and above all endurance is presented in Afrikaans, accompanied by the universal language of music.

With: Carla Smith, Nina Schumann (piano)

Supported by NATi, Hessequa Harmonie

Director Niël Rademan

Producer Niël Rademan Produksies

Writer Riana Scheepers

Set design and costumes Lindi-Heila Smit

Music Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms