Die dag toe Guppie sweef

40 Minutes

7 October


8 October


14 October


Bloemhof High – Hall

R75­-R100 | R105­-R130 by die deur

Two clowns from 2052 tell the story of border post guard Guppie through clowning and physical comedy. He lives in the Republic of the Bantam Farmers’ Association, so named after an earthquake caused a crack to appear around a piece of land with 12 farms, two storage ponds and a church. Guppie stares at the electric fence all day, every day, and wonders about life on the other side. Young audiences will find it fun, and the underlying commentary will give adults something to think about.

Met: Kerscha Titus, Robert Hindley 

Regisseur en stelontwerp Alberto Smit 

Vervaardiger Motorhuis Productions 

Skrywers Alberto Smit, Jeani Heyns 

Xhosa-vertaler en -oorklankkunstenaar Onela Metuso 

Verhoogbestuur Jeani Heyns