Die tragiese saak van Pamina Vermaak

110 Minutes

11 October

R80 | R90 by die deur

2023 | South Africa
In this romantic comedy based on Annie Klopper’s novel, Pamina Vermaak finds herself unemployed after a spectacular outburst at her boss. Musician Wolf de Jager is recalibrating after losing his tem- per at a gig. On the West Coast, Pamina is forced to face her innermost self and Wolf realises that his elusive muse may well be this stubborn, feisty brunette.

Met: Carla Smith, Christiaan Schoombie, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Albert Pretorius, Duane Williams, Armand Aucamp, Rolanda Marais 

Regisseur Kabous Meiring 

Draaiboekskrywers Elanie Rupping, Bibi Slippers