Afrikaans, Engels
150 Minutes

7 October


De Volkskombuis


This year we celebrate our newfound awareness of how precious human contact and communication are, how closed off the pandemic and its aftermath of the past two years have left us, and the “siege” of the subsequent national crises through which we have to struggle. Instead, we discover the Dutch meaning of bubble: an exuberant party. Come and sit at a long table with ten authors, hear what they have to say about their books and ask them a few questions. With Cas Wepener, Eben Venter, Barbara Masekela, Nicole Jaekel Strauss, Bettina Wyngaard, Sihle Khumalo, David Viviers, Rina Cascione, Julian Jansen and Quintus van der Merwe.

Met: Bibi Slippers, Heindrich Wyngaard (aanbieders) 

Aangebied deur Jonathan Ball, Naledi, Protea Boekhuis, Queillerie, Tafelberg, Umuzi