50 Minutes

10 October


11 October


13 October


Bloemhof High – Hall

R140 | R170 by die deur

Embody You is a choreographic audio-visual display of the physical body’s role and function in what makes us human, explored through the medium of contem- porary dance. Every day we experience the body differently, and wrestle with issues such as identity, age, beauty, pleasure, love, pain and sadness. How we deal with these experiences raises interesting ques- tions about who we are, why we are the way we are and whether that is truly us or just the body that the world created for us.

Met: Shaun Oelf, Keenun Wales, Lubabalo Pupu, Grant van Ster, Jay-Dee America

Regisseurs Grant van Ster, Shaun Oelf 

Vervaardiger Figure of 8 Dance Collective 

Choreografie Grant van Ster, Shaun van Oelf en die geselskap 

Stelontwerp Carin Bester 

Beligtingsontwerp Andi Colombo, Grant van Ster 

Klankontwerp Shaun Oelf 

Kostuums Jenny Stretch 

Verhoog- en produksiebestuurder en vervaardiger Marie Vogts