Gin my die genade

Afrikaans, Engels
60 Minutes

7 October


8 October


11 October


Adam Small Laboratory

R160 | R190 by die deur

A young boy named Craig disappears one ordinary evening. The community of Tips and Craig’s mother Cassie are stuck in a stupor of loss. He remains missing until Cassie receives a phone call 22 years later from a man who asserts that he is her lost son. Their reunion once again invokes the feelings of loss which have plagued them for the past 22 years. Are we able to reconcile after a wrenching loss?

Met: Shimmy Isaacs, Dustin Beck

Regisseur Lee-Ann van Rooi 

Skrywer Lauren Snyders 

Beligtingsontwerp Alfred Rietman 

Produksieontwerp en verhoogbestuur Cole Wessels 


’n Toyota US Woordfees-produksie