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80 Minutes

10 October


11 October


12 October


13 October


Adam Small Laboratory

R180 | R210 by die deur

A family shaped by deep generational trauma must confront their own histories to get through a life-changing night. Rosa and Ben Feigel are a progressive, dynamic, interracial North London couple. Their teenage son Oliver, whose political convictions have been encouraged by his parents, decides to hide a vulnerable person in their home. A bitter argument erupts about the morality of the law, the limits of empathy and what we owe each other and strangers.

Met: Andrew Buckland, Mwenya Kabwe, Tailyn Ramsamy, Lyle October 


Regisseur Jay Pather 

Vervaardiger Baxter-teater 

Skrywer Nadia Davids 

Stelontwerp Patrick Curtis 

Beligtingsontwerp Wilhelm Disbergen, Franky Steyn 

Tegniese versorging Marisa Steenkamp, Puleng Mabuya, Nosibusiso Jacobs, Franky Steyn, Adrian Kruger, Babalo Hambi 

Kostuums Angela Nemov 

Musiek Neo Muyanga 

Verhoogbestuur Puleng Mabuya 


Moontlik gemaak deur Baxter-teater, Stad Kaapstad, Rolf Stephan Nussbaum Foundation