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Bloemhof High – Hall

R160 | R190 by die deur

The residents lost everything; some lost their lives … Karatara is based on the true story of the disaster in the Knysna district in 2018. In the middle of the night, a fire consumed the town. This dance drama tells the story of a community’s loss of family, land and place and examines the complex dynamics between, and history of, the communities and how the media and politicians used the tragedy as an opportunity. Karatara won the KKNK 2022 Kanna for Best Debut Production and has been nominated for several awards.

Met: Shaun Oelf, Grant van Ster, Dean John Smith 

In samewerking met KKNK, NATi, Suidoosterfees, Wes-Kaapse Departement van Kultuursake en Sport, Baxter-teater, Stad Kaapstad 

Regie en musiekverwerking Gideon Lombard 

Skrywers Shaun Oelf, Wilken Calitz 

Produksiebestuur Marie Vogts 

Verhoogbestuur Andi Colombo