Koppieteefontein met Portchie

60 Minutes

8 October


9 October


11 October


Maria’s Manor

R250 | R280 by die deur

Portchie opens his studio, Maria’s Manor, to festivalgoers with a ‘live’ version of Jak de Priester’s kykNET programme, Koppieteefontein. Jak takes Portchie on a journey through his formative years – from the time when he put his pictures up in Tweeling’s school corridors, to his worldclass exhibitions on Trafalgar Square in London. Portchie talks about his 60th birthday later this year. The two make wonderful music on Portchie’s fantastic Steinway grand piano. Expect hits like “Sally Williams”, “Binnelanders” and other favourites from Jak and Portchie’s past.

Met: Portchie, Jak de Priester 

Tegniese versorging, verhoogbestuur Christoff Loubser