Lollos: Skattejag

50 Minutes

7 October


EasyEquities Book Tent

R75­-R100 | R105­-R130 by die deur

The residents of Lalaland visit a tropical island, but then they get lost! Fortunately, they discover a treasure map with clues. There are so many exciting mysteries for them to solve, but the biggest of them all is: Why doesn’t Lollos want to read clues too? Friends, the Lalalanders need your help. Come along on the treasure hunt and help them overcome interesting obstacles as they explore the special island.

Met: Elizna Swanepoel, Alvina Chadow, Redione Stephens, Hein Poole 

Regisseur Lollos-geselskap 

Vervaardiger Lollos Productions 

Skrywer Elizna Swanepoel