Marius Weyers: ’n Lewe

60 Minutes

9 October


Victoria Hub: Gesprekslokaal

R75 | R100 at the door

Veteran actress and director Katinka Heyns talks to Chris Vorster about Marius Weyers, Chris’s new biography of an actor who left an indelible mark on the landscape of South African theatre, film and television. Marius was never keen on a biography. His answer was always: “It’s not the right time.” But Chris eventually managed to persuade him. The result is an intimate portrait of a phenomenal career and a life fully lived. Marius opens up about challenges and success as well as periods of loneliness and despair. He shares funny anecdotes about how wrong things can go and pays homage to the mentors he had. A golden thread runs through all these experiences: the love story of Marius and his wife, the sculptor Evette Weyers who passed away recently.

Presented by Protea Boekhuis