Afrikaans, Engels
OB 13 (G)
75 Minutes

7 October


8 October


9 October


10 October


12 October


Lückhoff High School

R170-R220 | R200-R250 by die deur

Two 10-year-old boys are being questioned after the disappearance of 2-year- old James Bulger. Violence that invades the lives of the defenseless feels all too familiar in South African society. What drives a child to kill another child? Swedish playwright Niklas Rådström chillingly recounts the true events of 12 February 1993, and poses difficult questions about morality, accountability and responsibility.

Met: Michele Burgers, Elton Landrew, Ntlanhla Kutu, René Cloete 


Regisseur, vervaardiger, stelontwerp en kostuums Tinarie van Wyk Loots 

Skrywer Niklas Rådström 

Vertaling Tinarie van Wyk Loots en geselskap 

Beligtingsontwerp Jaco Bouwer 

Musiek Pierre-Henri Wicomb 


’n Toyota US Woordfees-produksie