My kroon se krank

Geen o.16 (T)
60 Minutes

7 October


10 October


12 October


Bloemhof High – Hall

R140-R170 | R170-R200 by die deur

This is a show for women, by women. Three characters embark on a journey of renewal, repentance, and remembering what stems from their complicated past. Aunty Pat needs to take new photos for her campaign and she considers going natural. Roxanne attempts to find her roots while Debbie insists they need to be themselves. This production won the Slurpie prize at the Kannas and was sold out during its run at Suidoosterfees!

Met: Veronique Jephtas 


Regisseur Tinarie van Wyk Loots 

Vervaardiger Bossikop Productions 

Skrywers Veronique Jephtas, Lynthia Julius 

Beligtingsontwerp Andi Colombo 

Verhoogbestuur Roland du Preez 


’n Ko-produksie van KKNK en Suidoosterfees, ondersteun deur NATi