A Man for All Seasons – Johannes Vermeer and the recent retrospective at the Rijksmuseum

60 Minutes

9 October


Oude Leeskamer


by Lizelle Kilbourn – art collector, philanthropist, lawyer

The recent retrospective exhibition held at the Rijksmuseum (February–June 2023) of 28 of Johannes Vermeer’s only 34 currently recognised works was a once-in-a lifetime experience. Vermeer (1632–1675) is generally regarded as one of the greatest forces in the history of global art. Not only are his works unmatched in terms of technical innovation and aesthetic beauty, but they also continue to live on in the form of popular novels, poems and films, for example Girl with a Pearl Earringthe film interpretation of “Meisje met de Parel”, one of his most well-known paintings. This exhibition was the most popular one since the opening of the Rijksmuseum in 1885.

Met: Lizelle Kilbourn