Oedipus at Colonus #Aftersophocles

Geen o.13
105 Minutes

7 October


8 October


9 October


kykNET HS Stellenbosch

R180-R250 | R210-R280 by die deur

This reimagining of Sophocles’s Oedipus at Colonus tackles the problem of what to do with the leftovers of a catastrophic past, the rot that remains long after the cause has ended, and the impact this has on the land, the people and their patrimony. This bold and innovative reworking of the classic play received standing ovations and excellent reviews during its run at the Baxter Theatre.

Met: Andrew Buckland, Faniswa Yisa, Jennie Reznek Koor: Buhle T. Stephane, Azola Mkhabile, Mihlali Bele, Lindokuhle Melaphi, Thabo Mkenene, Kuhle Myathaza, Nosiphiwo Ndabeni, Siphenathi Siqwayi, Wendy Mrali, Moluphi Lepeli, Sipho Kalako 

Regisseur Mark Fleishman 

Vervaardiger Baxter-teater, in samewerking met Magnet Theatre 

Skrywer Qondiswa James 

Stelontwerp Craig Leo

Beligtingsontwerp Themba Stewart, Mark Fleishman

Musiek Neo Muyanga 


Moontlik gemaak deur Baxter-teater, Magnet Theatre, ReTAGS, CTDPS, Stad Kaapstad