Rademan S(w)ing

60 Minutes

7 October


Drostdy Theatre

R185-R235 | R215-R265 by die deur

Niël Rademan sings Afrikaans swing and intertwines it with European songs – Afrikaans with an international cabaret club sound! Niël made his debut 20 years ago with reinterpretations of folk music, songs such as “Sawends” by Jan Pohl and also the evergreen “Boereseun” by Danie Bosman. This year he returns with a series of new songs and translations, as well as some of his own compositions. Get carried away by the beat of swing, the tango, samba and even an irresistible two-step.

Met: Niël Rademan (sang, trekklavier), Lucas Heinen (klavier, trekklavier), Dillon Cornelius (kontrabas), Stuart Martin (tromme), Drew Burton (trompet)

Musiek Niël Rademan, Lucas Heinen

Musikiekregisseur Lucas Heinen

Vervaardiger Niël Rademan-produksies