The Animal – What a Word! (DISCUSSION)

60 Minutes

8 October


Victoria Hub: Boardroom


Come and listen to a talk on the work of Wilma Cruise. Cruise likes to look at the con- nection between man and animal, with an emphasis on communication. In this exhibition she ponders the “question of the animal” in the context of language: how we talk about them and to them. Animals’ lack of (human) language and therefore (human) reason have tradi- tionally marked them as inferior to us. However, Cruise questions whether the lack of language is a shortcoming. The exhibition features three soundscapes celebrating the multilingual nature of our country – from a soundscape where we hear the encroaching dogs of war, to an audiovisual presentation where the animal is represented by absence and silence. She works predominantly in clay, but some of her life-size human and animal figures are also expressed in bronze.

Come and listen to a talk on
the work of Wilma Cruise