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OB 13
20 Minutes

11 October


13 October


15 October


Theatre Tent @ Wilgenhof Tennis Court

R80 | R100 by die deur

Created in the halls of Simonsberg men’s residence, The Session aims to provide a genuine look into the current residence experience. The play was crafted through workshops and participation by cast mem- bers. It gives audiences a glimpse into the complicated spaces that residences occupy. Recurring themes are: the subversion of expectations, the quest for love, showers, and the violent initiation residences used to be notorious for. The Session was performed at the annual Palesa Residence Festival.

Met: Benna Bezuidenhout, Arnold Ntumvi-Nguti, Dyane Sampson, Tyrese Human, Sonwabo Duna


Regisseurs, skrywers en stelontwerp Reeder Vermaak, Sekhona Sibiya,Matthew Dragner

Vervaardiger en tegniese versorging Reeder Vermaak

Kostuums Sekhona Sibiya, Matthew Dragner

Verhoogbestuur Sekhona Sibiya


Moontlik gemaak deur Simonsberg-manskoshuis