Afrikaans, Engels
OB 16 (G, T, SG, L)
50 Minutes

9 October


12 October


Theatre Tent @ Wilgenhof Tennis Court

R80 | R100 by die deur

Tsekmate tells the story of six prisoners who, through a game of chess, try to make sense of the events that ultimately cost them their freedom. Are they being rejected because of circumstances or wrong choices, or should they be accepted for who and what they were before their crimes? The characters and audience wrestle with these and other questions – perhaps a solution awaits between the cell walls.

Met: Henrietta Cloete, Mikyall Harris, Nathaly Lottering, Ethan Patton, Nequin Petro, Tamia Thompson, Adri-Jo Waterboer 


Regisseur Tamia Thompson 

Vervaardiger Mikyall Harris 

Skrywers Mikyall Harris, Nathaly Lottering 

Beligtingsontwerp en verhoogbestuur Luvo Gcuku 

Fasiliteerder Amelda Brand 


Ondersteun deur US Drama, Toyota US Woordfees