60 Minutes

7 October


8 October


10 October


Drostdy Theatre

R185-R235 | R215-R265 by die deur

Afrikaans music – old tunes and words – take on new meaning as Nic de Jager, actor and radio personality, interweaves his own text with poems and melodies from the FAK and other musical treasure chests. The programme, compiled by pianist Rina Goldberg, is intimately rendered by Louis Loock. A production that will enchant both young and the not-so-young.

With: Nic de Jager (Narration), Louis Loock (voice), Rina Goldberg (piano), Schalk Joubert (bass guitar), Schalk Wasserman (percussion), Sunday Kelechi (cello)

Supported by the Johann Brink Trust

Director Ira Blanckenberg

Producer Marzé Botha

Music Rina Goldberg