Voces Cordis: Elemente

60 Minutes

9 October



R165-R190 | R195-R220 by die deur

The 80-strong Voces Cordis choir premieres two new commissioned works: Oculi Autem Eius by Hungarian composer, Levente Gyöngyösi, and Quid hic Agis, Elia? by South African composer Franco Prinsloo. Both compositions employ Gregorian chants and elements of wind, fire and earthquakes. They will also perform three new arrangements by Van der Merwe of “Special Star” (Mango Groove), “And So it Goes” (Billy Joel) and “Somebody to Love” (Queen).

Met: Voces Cordis o.l.v. André van der Merwe, Theo Alkema (klavier), Lize Jansen van Vuuren (fluit), Hannes Kok (perkussie)