OB (T)
120 Minutes

11 October


13 October


The Daisy Jones Bar

R120 | R150 by die deur

Worldplay sessions is a gameshow-esque performance in which poets and musicians collaborate spontaneously in front of a live audience. Some of South Africa’s most diverse poets take turns to set words and hearts on fire, synthesising with innovative musicians and sound designers in real time. It promises a spellbinding experience, providing an exciting glimpse into the South African psyche.

Met: Xabiso Vili, Toast Coetzer, Flex of He & I, Yamoria, Jerome Rex, Jaco van der Merwe, Modise Sekgothe (digters), Louwrens Ferreira, Winterwelpie – Ronald Davey, Modise Sekgothe, Bronwen Clacherty (musikante)

In samewerking met Wêreld en Hear my Voice

Regisseur Jaco van der Merwe

Vervaardiger Jaco van der Merwe, Phomolo Sekamotho