7 Minutes
23 July, 2022
24 July, 2022
Subject to change

Skrywer: Buhle Ngaba

Regisseur: Amelda Brand

‘n Projek van LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi en die ATKV

Ondersteun deur Media24, NAC en die LW Hiemstra Trust

Met: Buhle Ngaba

In Buhle Ngaba’s monologue, a young woman, about to deliver a funeral eulogy, reminisces about South Africans’ crazy obsession with state funerals. Buhle performs her monologue, directed by Amelda Brand. After Tears is part of Stemme | Voices | Amazwi – a series of short, powerful monologues supported by LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi and ATKV.