11 Minutes
17 July, 2022
22 July, 2022
Subject to change

Vervaardiger: Jane Mpholo

Regisseur: Patrick T. Peni

Skrywer: Jane Mpholo

Met: Jane Mpholo, Nico Taljaard, Mosa Keketsi, Beauty Mlokoti

In vennootskap met PENM Productions (Jefferson J. Dirks-Korkee), The Mehlapes, Linah Mpholo, Selloane Keketsi, Keabetswe Motlhale, Keneilwe Jaase, Faheeza Rangunwala, Werner Shiraz Morris

This award-winning short film gives a glimpse into the life of a ‘domestic worker’ whose dreams were shattered at a young age. Her journey unfolds through a complex relationship with the element of water.