Daneel van der Walt

Kinders hoort nie op strate nie

12 Minutes
19 July, 2022
26 July, 2022
28 July, 2022
Subject to change

Writer: Regardt Visser

Director: Regardt Visser

A project of LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi and the ATKV

Supported by Media24, the NAC and the LW Hiemstra Trust

With: Daneel van der Walt

In Kinders hoort nie op strate nie Daneel van der Walt portrays a housewife who tells a police officer about the unsavoury events she observed through her kitchen window. Regardt Visser wrote and directed this monologue. The piece is part of Stemme | Voices | Amazwi – a series of short, powerful monologues by LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi and ATKV.