Krummelpap, afval en Sunlightseepbaddens

49 Minutes
15 July, 2022
16 July, 2022
17 July, 2022
Subject to change

Producer: Garage Dance Ensemble

Director: Faroll Coetzee

Writer: Ronelda Kamfer

With: Esme Marthinus, Dustin Jannetjies, Jaime-Lee Hine, Lynette du Plessis, Byron Klassen

In collaboration with the International Relief Fund 2021.

Administrated by Goethe-Institut, South Africa

Ronelda Kamfer’s poetry pulverises the plaster that barely holds the walls of a dilapidated house – way before anyone can salvage anything. In this work, members of the Garage Dance Ensemble present reality like sandpaper touching skin, says reviewer Jo-Ann Floris. A compassionate yet hard-hitting piece that intertwines poetry and dance to shine a light on challenges facing young people in the Northern Cape.