Portret: Lien Botha

44 Minutes
18 July, 2022
20 July, 2022
23 July, 2022
28 July, 2022
Subject to change

Producer: Skalpel Films

Research: Henk Serfontein

Cinematography and editing: Jaco Bouwer

Sound: Stian Bam

Music: Braam du Toit

Final mix: Rob Brinkwood

Portret: Lien Bothaoffers an intimate portrait of the acclaimed photographer and novelist. Viewers gain access to her ideas and personal environment, and learn about her artistic strategies and the way she sees her work within the South African tradition of art photography. The film starts in the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens in Betty’s Bay where Lien talks about her love of Cape fynbos and indigenous birds. She also visits Wonderboom in Pretoria where she grew up and reflects about the influence of those formative years on her art and writing. The doccie also explores her affinity for embroidery and female perspectives.