8 Minutes
18 July, 2022
25 July, 2022
28 July, 2022
Subject to change

Writer: Heloïne Armstrong

Director: Bianca Flanders

A project of LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi and the ATKV

Supported by Media24, the NAC and the LW Hiemstra Trust

With: René Cloete

In Heloïne Armstrong’s monologue a young woman tells what it feels like to live in the same neighbourhood as your father who, with his new family, denies your very existence. Bianca Flanders directed René Cloete in Vuil kouse. The piece is part of Stemme | Voices | Amazwi – a series of short, powerful monologues by LitNet, Suidoosterfees, NATi and ATKV.