Sanlam WOW Spelfees

REVIEW Hope is spelled W-O-W! by Tanweer MohamedEvent: Sanlam WOW SpelfeesPhotos: Rikus Terblanche en Christiaan Schoeman The air ripples with anticipation and bewilderment. For many of these young children from across the country the Stellenbosch scene is a novelty.  The generator churns for the coffee machines to power the parents and teachers who pepper their […]

WOW Writer’s Discussion: Grade 7–10

WRITER’S DISCUSSIONS Joha van Dyk’s tips on being a WOW writer by Tanweer Mohamed Production: WOW Writer’s Discussion: Grade 7–10 Photos: Provided On 12 October 2023 Joha van Dyk addressed Grade 7–10 learners in the Stellenbosch University Library Auditorium in the latest edition of WOW Writer’s Discussions. Over 100 learners from JJ Rhode Primary, Weber […]