Gallery: Dans

KARATARA With: Shaun Oelf, Grant van Ster, Dean John Smith The residents lost everything; some lost their lives … Karatara is based on the true story of the disaster in the Knysna district in 2018. In the middle of the night, a fire consumed the town. This dance drama tells the story of a community’s […]

Gallery: Kinderfees

LIEWE HEKSIE VANG VIS With: Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, Deon van Zyl The Liewe Heksie team, which won the Kanna for best children’s theatre at the KKNK two years in a row, is back with Le- vinia, who this time is struggling to catch fish with a broomstick. Meanwhile, King Rosekrans’s trout are getting fewer and fewer. […]

Toyota Music Festival: The Daisy Jones Bar

DIE KAAPPUNTERS: AFRIKAANSE ROCK SE ANKER IN DIE SUIDE With: Riku Lätti/Wian Anders (voice, guitar, piano), Jackie Lätti/Bettie Blatjang (voice), Willem Möller/Karring Kaappunter (guitar), Churchil Naudé (rap), Mark Ellis/Markus Oralrus (bass guitar), Jean Marais/Vuilsak van Staden (drums), Tonia Möller (voice, percussion), Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder (trombone) The Kaappunters are an irrepressible rock group born from […]