EasyEquities and WOW team up

How does it work?

EasyEquities is an easy, safe and efficient way to invest in shares and crypto. You can start investing with as little as R5 to pave your path to financial success This year EasyEquities has decided to help start that journey by investing in both you and in WOW, an empowerment project of the Woordfees which celebrates their 20th birthday this year.

Creative programs focused on promoting language, literature and the arts are offered by WOW in schools and communities to broaden learners and educators horizons.

WOW provides prospective students with information about tertiary education, and WOW Bursaries from Stellenbosch University are awarded to talented candidates.

EasyEquities is partnering with WOW and will make a contribution to these bursaries for first-generation students.

It works as follows: Use the QR provided to create a profile on EasyEquities’ website, after registering EasyEquities will give you R50 for your first investment, which you can use as desired. And, for every new profile that is created EasyEquities will donate an additional R50 towards the WOW Bursary Fund. Registration is free and there is no obligation to invest more than the complimentary R50.

It’s a win-win situation. For every registration EasyEquities donates a R50 to you and a R50 to the WOW Bursary Fund.

Follow this link to read more about the WOW project and here for more information on the endless possibilities offered by EasyEquities.

For any enqueries please send an email to: woordfeesbemarking@sun.ac.za