Van Der Aven

60 Minutes

14 October


The Daisy Jones Bar

R80 | R110 by die deur

The folk-acoustic flavour of the group is inspired by the Great Karoo and other folk pioneers. Van Der Aven, formerly known as BrotherBrother, consists of two Karoo brothers and their best friend. In June 2022, their first Afrikaans single, “Heimwee”, was released, and since then they have shared the stage with artists such as Elandré, Glaskas, Droomsindroom and Spoegwolf.

Van Der Aven headlines the Band or Bust competition.

Met: Theunis van der Merwe (baskitaar, stem), Roelof van der Merwe (kitaar, stem), Paul Avenant (tromme, stem)