Dr. Leslie van Rooi
Senior Director: Social Impact and Transformation, Stellenbosch University

If, like me, you too are flipping through the pages of this extraordinary Woordfees guide and starting to jot down the productions that you would like to see, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the variety of productions and experiences on offer. Is there any other way to feel? The Woordfees is back as a physical festival and all of Stellenbosch and its people are excited at the prospect of receiving you. The variety of choices and experiences offered at the festival mirrors the diversity of people and ideas held important by us at the University.


Cornelia Faasen
Chief Executive Officer: National Theatre Initiative (NATi)

What can one say about the last two years – about the arts, and theatre specifically – that hasn’t already been said? That it was difficult? That the theatre and artists suffered greatly? We know the things that have happened to us. The real test lies ahead: How will festivals adapt and, indeed rise, from the ashes of one of the world’s most difficult challenges?