Cornelia Faasen
Chief Executive Officer: National Theatre Initiative (NATi)

What can one say about the last two years – about the arts, and theatre specifically – that hasn’t already been said? That it was difficult? That the theatre and artists suffered greatly? We know the things that have happened to us. The real test lies ahead: How will festivals adapt and, indeed rise, from the ashes of one of the world’s most difficult challenges?

NATi is indescribably thrilled to experience the Woordfees programme and, of course, to experience it in person. Undoubtedly, Woordfees will live up to its reputation as a fiery festival with something for everyone. It makes this year’s theme “Wild” particularly apt.

Presenting a quality TV festival and a physical festival in Stellenbosch in one year, speaks volumes about the character and ability of this festival to prevail. It also attests to the Woordfees team’s incredible commitment to their audiences, to our artists and to the needs of the town and its people.

NATi is privileged to be associated with such commitment, quality and pure artistry.

Wildly challenging. Wildly exciting. Wildly necessary.