Dr. Leslie van Rooi
Senior Director: Social Impact and Transformation, Stellenbosch University

If, like me, you too are flipping through the pages of this extraordinary Woordfees guide and starting to jot down the productions that you would like to see, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the variety of productions and experiences on offer. Is there any other way to feel? The Woordfees is back as a physical festival and all of Stellenbosch and its people are excited at the prospect of receiving you.

The variety of choices and experiences offered at the festival mirrors the diversity of people and ideas held important by us at the University. For each of our different inclinations and ideas there are presentations, performances, concerts and talks that will both entertain and give us pause for reflection. We know that your list of activities is likely to be long, but we encourage you to make some time to walk around our campus and fully enjoy the hospitality of the larger town and its surrounds. Make time to walk around campus and enjoy the hospitality of the town.

In the same way that the Woordfees strives for inclusiveness, so too does the University strive to be a welcoming and productive space for all. We believe that we have an important part to play in the quest for new horizons by the Stellenbosch community. The Toyota US Woordfees creates a magnificant platform.

Join us under the green oaks and plane trees in our first Spring festival, and let’s use the Woordfees as a springboard to experience something magical and learn something new about ourselves and our fellow human beings. Make sure to visit the SU Museum in Ryneveld Street.

The University and town community looks forward to welcoming you. It is going to be a festival unlike any other, and we encourage you to embrace this year’s festival theme and go (just a little) Wild!