Waldimar Pelser
M-NET Director: kykNET Channels

When can we describe a community as flourishing? To flourish means to have more than a roof over one’s head and food on the table. Thriving communities are constantly in discussion, both internally and externally. Healthy communities engage in conversations with themselves, with their history, and with other communities through words, sound and images. They do this through discourse, music, the performing and visuale arts. Also through theatre, television and film. It’s a vibrant endeavour, this conversation, and requires the willingness to listen as well as talk, and to look as well as show.


Ishmet Davidson
Executive Officer: Media24

For more than 20 years, arts lovers have marked their diaries in anticipation of an important annual event – the Woordfees in Stellenbosch. Being able to gather with friends and fellow arts lovers under the majestic oak trees has always been a unique part of this festival’s charm, and it is wonderful to be able to do it again after all the virtual gatherings. Thank you to the organisers, artists, cosponsors and all who have worked so hard behind the scenes for the past two years to keep the arts alive and make the festival possible once again.


Leon Theron
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Toyota SA

On behalf of Toyota South Africa Motors, I would like to say we are both honoured and thrilled to be part of the 2022 Toyota SU Woordfees arts festival. As a brand that is deeply entrenched in South African culture and local communities, we’ve been encouraged by the positive feedback generated by our association with Woordfees. The first event was a resounding success – not just for the festival organisers, but for us partners as well. Toyota is therefore immensely proud of this partnership.